We are Hans J.M. Svane and Nicolas Zalles and we are the owners of Globalnexo which we founded back in 2006. Before we started working independently, we have worked in larger companies for many years.

All business is different, and so is their needs. We have made it our mission understanding our clients business, as that is one of the main keys to develop the best solution as needed. That is why our solutions simply add value to your business and support you focusing on your core business. Our skilled and creative team handles all types of projects from complex to simple. Our team always strives as much as we do, to achieve the best result for our clients.

Understanding how we is simple, as we work under fundamental principles. That's what makes our company stand apart from others in the industry. Our principles is basically how we works and supports us as well as our employees to create the best creative solutions needed in any situation

The IT industry is fast changing environment, which demand us to work with an open mindset. We rely on the general trend of industry standards and best practices.

A clear vision of the objectives and the overall context, is the key for making the project succeed. We believe there exists three areas which is important to achieve success, it’s a matter of clarifying the resources, methodology and budget.

Frequent and honestly communication is what we believe benefits to achieving the best outcome for our clients and promotes networking.

With our mindset of creative solutions while working on the tasks, is what helps us focusing on creating the optimal results in any situation for our clients.

Honestly is a large part of our fundamental mindset. Regardless of the context we always deliver and work with honesty.

We live for challenges no matter the level of high complexity. We always strive to achieve the best outcome of a challenge.